Every overwhelmingly exciting feeling you have ever felt is probably a LUNER feeling. A LUNER is a person who likes to stay awake at night to watch the stars. It‘s a blend of the words „luna“ (lat. moon) and „loner“. Andreas Zoeller (aka LUNER) felt like there‘s a much needed word for a feeling he couldn‘t describe in any other way. LUNER is the magical, overwhelming feeling you get, when living life to the fullest. Feeling the sheer overpowering of a starry night sky, or sensing the emotions running through your body when watching the sunset bursting into otherworldly colours. Staying awake with your closest friends to watch the sunrise, or the vibrating excitement of falling in love. LUNER puts all these feelings into his music by telling stories about moments that actually have been lived. Emotions that everyone can relate to, because somewhere there‘s a LUNER in every single one of us.